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    Outdoor Games

    Camping originated as a game similar the what football, soccer and rugby are today, as well as other games where to teams are vying to control a ball, which was kicked or thrown to score points against another team.

    In this game the goal posts could be trees, boulders, and stone walls. The field may be as small as a village green and the goals may be miles away even as far as another village that they played against. The amount of people playing may be 4 or 5 up to whole villages.

    There were no official rules and in many cases the rules were made up on the spur of the moment. The only thing was that the players were to throw, carry, pass and kick the ball while the opponents would try to tackle or block the passing of the ball to the teamsí players and to gain the ball to pass to their own team players to get the goal.

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