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    The dice in medieval times where not always square. The spots, or pips are arranged the same today.

    Dice games were inviting people to gamble. There are records showing men losing sheep, clothing, wives and children.

    There are many games that can be played with dice such as"-

    1. A Game where you have two or more players. Each player rolls the dice and the first to one hundred wins. To make it even more hard the person must roll exactly a hundred no more.

    2. Another game is raffle which requires three dice and is scored similar to poker. The object of this game is to get all three dice to land with the same numbers showing or to throw pairs of the same number. If the highest score is divided among two or more players with the same pair then it comes down to the last number on the third dice.

    3. Passage is another game where the first player rolls three dice until he/she gets a pair of the same number. If the total of the pair is under ten, the player is out and loses. If it is over ten they win. If the throw is exactly ten, then the dice are passed to the next player but the cash pot or other wager is not collected.