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  • 899-922 Charles IV the Simple (minded), Holy Roman Emperor.

  • 911 Charles granted the territory that became Normandy to the Norse chieftain Hrolf (called by the sissy name of Rollo in a lot of textbooks.) Hrolf was willing to accept the grant, but got pretty upset when he was told that the ceremony of transfer would not be complete until he kissed the emperor's foot. Hrolf did this by lifting the emperor's foot up to his lips and being a tall gentlemen cause the emperor to fall over which resulted in the emperor's death.

  • 987 Hugh Capet, count of Paris, elected king of France. Beginning of the Capetian dynasty.

  • 987-996 Hugh Capet, king of France.

  • 966-1031 Robert II the Pious, king of France.

  • 1004 Almanzor, the military dictator of Muslim Spain dies, and the Caliphate of Cordoba breaks up into a number of small states.

  • 1010 The Count of Barcelona is hired to bring a Christian army to help one of the sides in a civil war among the Muslims. This begins the paria system, in which the Spanish taifa kingdoms paid one or the other of the Christian states a regular tribute for protection. The money was usually in gold, and the influx of gold into Europe contributed to a revival of trade and commerce.

  • 1031-1060 Henry I, king of France.

  • 1042-1066 Edward the Confessor, king of England.

  • 1060-1108 Philip I, king of France.

  • 1065 The King of Aragon and Count of Urgell capture the Muslim city of Barbastro in what may have been the real "first crusade," Although they lose it the next year.

  • 1066 Harold Godwineson seized the throne of England and became Harold, king of England.

  • 1066 Harold Hardrada invaded England was defeated and killed by Harold Godwineson in the Battle of Sterling Bridge.

  • 1066 William "the Bastard," duke of Normandy, invades England and defeated Harold Godwineson at the battle of Hastings. Duke William was called "William the Bastard" because his father never got around to marrying his mother. Actually, though, he did marry her to one of his officials.

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