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    Ember Days occur on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in the months of February, May, September and December. In February these days follow Ash Wednesday, on which days all Christians are suppose to give penance, give up food and spend time praying. In May this occurs after Whitsun. These days occur the following days after the Exaltation of the Cross or Holy Rood Day. In the month of December occurs the week after St. Lucy's Day

    Holy Saturday occurs on the day before Easter.

    St. Mark the Evangelist occurs on April 25th.

    Feast of St. Augustine occurs on May 26th.

    Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul the Apostles occurs on June 29th.

    St. Swithin's Day occurs on July 15th. It was believed whatever the weather is on this day will occur for the next forty days.

    St. Lawrence the Martyr occurs on August 10th.

    St. Bartholomew occurs on August 24th.

    St. Louis IX occurs on August 25th and is held on honor of the Patron saint of France.

    St. Luke the Evangelist occurs on October 18th.

    Sts. Simon and Jude the Apostles occurs on October 28th.

    Advent begins on the fourth Sunday in November and lasts through till Christmas Eve.

    St. Lucy's Day occurs on December 13th.

    St. Thomas the Apostle occurs on December 21st.

    St. Stephen's Day occurs on December 26th. Consider the first Christian martyr.