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    Pass the Parcel

    This appears in a lot of history events so may not have occurred. It could be played at the feast table in between each course.

    The "parcel" is made up with cloth squares and a ribbon to tie each piece of cloth in the parcel. In between each layer of cloth is either a prize or a forfeit. The parcel is then passed around the table while musicians play. Whoever is holding the parcel when the music stops is to unravel the first layer where he/she would fond either a prize or a forfeit. Then the music starts again and the parcel is passed around the table once again.

    The prizes would either be a piece of chocolate, a ring, jewelry, or a token. The forfeits on the other hand would be small dares to perform embarrassing acts such as singing a song, reciting a poem, juggling fruit. The last prize in the parcel is the best reward.

    To make up the parcel you should allow each guest to have several prizes or forfeits. If you have a lot of guests you should make up more than one parcel. The other parcel should have different prizes.